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Our Approach

Over the course of my year history of Chiropractic service to the Quakertown Community, I'm clear that a healthy body can only remain healthy, when attention is given to Structure, Nutrition, and Exercise. These three modalities serve as the lynchpins upon which my practice has evolved.

Regenerative Medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy has revolutionized the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. Gait analysis, functional bracing, introduction of mesenchymal stem cells (NOT collected from embryos)...together form the foundation that allows for enhancing the body's natural ability to heal while prolonging or eliminating the need for a surgical procedure. Initially we used this approach as we specialized in such a natural approach to problems involving the knees. The results were so exciting that we decided to pursue further training and now offer the Regenerative Medicine approach for shoulder and hip conditions as well.


Are you eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones?
Getting well and Staying well includes having a proper diet, the introduction of gentle cleansing programs, and also suggests the use of specific nutritional and herbal supplements. Our office stocks the supplements that cover a wide range of health conditions. These supplements help to correct deficiencies and increase your general health and well being.


Each patient is seen as a unique individual, whose course of treatment is designed specifically around their personal needs. All new patients are initially assessed with a comprehensive examination that includes orthopedic and neurological tests, range of motion evaluation, manual muscle testing, and motion palpation of spinal segments. The information gathered from the patient's history and examination may indicate the need for imaging, i.e., X-ray, MRI, CT scan; if so, appropriate referrals are made as required. When the necessary data is collected, a treatment program can be determined. That program, designed for the patient's unique case, may include Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Physical Therapy Modalities, Rehabilitative Exercises and/or Massage.
The powerful therapeutic effects of massage became patently clear when, in 2010, I found myself involved in an automobile accident. In this table-turning incident, the Doctor had now become the patient. I was experiencing a cervical spine issue, and was compelled to seek Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy with another practitioner. During my course of treatment, the Doctor recommended Massage Therapy. The resultant healing experience convinced me to include massage within the menu of services now available at the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center.
We offer this added service in a fully appointed private spa-like treatment room, and have engaged a gifted practitioner who is schooled in a number of different therapeutic techniques. I am clear that Massage Therapy, combined with any comprehensive rehabilitative program, is a major component in speeding up the healing process.
While Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance will cover this important treatment, most private groups will not include payment, yet flexible spending accounts can be accessed to cover this important modality. Considering the possibility of an out of pocket payment needing to be made, we have chosen to keep our sessions affordable.


An essential key to any comprehensive rehabilitative or maintenance oriented health care program is movement. In addition to insuring that the joints in the spine are able to move adequately through the intended ranges of motion, the muscles must be able to perform their functions as well. To achieve optimal function, a balanced exercise program requires four components or aspects: strength, full range of motion, cardiovascular capacity and proprioception or balance. As the patients of the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center are progressed through a program to restore and maintain good health, special attention is paid toward the introduction of exercises that address these four essential components of movement.
"Doc" will often pull off her jacket, get out the physioball and clearly demonstrate exercises that will support and enhance the individual patient's rehab program.
In addition to the exercises taught in the office, Dr. Malmad also instructs an early morning "boot camp" program for women. Are you curious about the concept of "boot camp?" Ask about how to join our next class!

Meet Dr. L. Celia Malmad

Dr Malmad

I am the Founder of THE CHIROPRACTIC HEALING ARTS CENTER, a holistically based practice that values and respects the whole person.

While my training includes a degree in Psychology, I was drawn to explore a formal Chiropractic Education to integrate the concept of mind and body into my practice. After achieving my Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine with Magna Cum Laude honors, I began my family practice in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and have been seeing patients in this area since 1981.

In 1994, I returned to my studies to focus on Orthopedics, and in 1998, earned the coveted Board Certification in Chiropractic Orthopedics. Our Practice honors the relationship that occurs when Mind and Body come together to produce optimal health, and I welcome you to our web site.

In sharing the benefits of Chiropractic health, and its relationship to your well being, it is my hope that the information I provide becomes your doorway to feeling healthier, and more vibrant, in every area of your life.

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Appointments are available during the day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with evening hours on Mondays and Thursdays. Please feel free to also inquire about our Massage Program.

As a courtesy to others who may wish to be seen, appointment cancellations require 24 hour notice.

We participate with major insurance carriers, and also accept Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident cases.

We have a working relationship with many primary care physicians and other specialists who regularly refer patients for care.

— Chiropractic Healing Arts Center

Why Chiropractic Care?

Why Chiropractic? Before answering this question, let's take a look at what Chiropractic actually is.

There are two aspects to health care. One is response to disease or injury; the second is prevention of problems, which is true HEALTH care. Chiropractic is probably best known in the first category, which is a response to injury and specifically, injuries to the back and/or spine.

Spinal injuries are mechanical problems. The spine is made up of 24 individual vertebrae that are stacked upon the pelvis. Wherever two bones come together in a joint, there is a specific range of motion expected, and when there is an injury, that normal/expected range of motion is often disrupted. In Chiropractic, we evaluate the movement of the vertebral joints, identify the levels where that motion might be deficient, and then mobilize or "adjust" the joints accordingly. There are a number of different ways to evaluate, and also a variety of approaches to re-establishing normal movement.

At the Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, we are not satisfied with just moving those joints. Our goal is to re-establish healthy movement patterns, and then work toward PREVENTION of future problems.

The best way to accomplish that goal is to enlist the patient as the most important member of the health care team. With this mind set, rehabilitative exercises are taught, and healthy biomechanics are stressed. By working together, we can most efficiently address the current spinal problems, limit or eliminate pain, and set the stage for optimal future function.


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